lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Electromagnetics fields-Report: Environmental and social impact of high-voltage line 400 kV Peñalba-Arnero-Isona

In this sense and for better knowledge of the matter, we send enclosed a document done by the Plataforma Unitaria contra la Autopista Eléctrica and the NGO Ecologistas en Acción that compiles all the effects caused in the Ribagorza region, which are wider than the ones that we pointed out in our first complaint.

The index of that document is the following:

1.- Introduction.
2.- Layout characteristics.
3.- Regarding the documents that were submitted an the Study on Environmental Impact. Unsuitable methodology to study environmental impact. The preliminary plan phase on which the Study on Environmental Impact is based does not specify aspects that provoke an important impact.
3.1.- Cumulative effect in other infrastructures.
3.2.- Regarding the studies of alternatives.
3.3.- Impact on the Landscape.

4.- Aspects related to the electric power line, the electromagnetic contamination, the effects on health and opposition against this line.
4.1.- Excessive electromagnetic contamination.
4.2.- The need for the electric power line Peñalba-El Arnero (Monzón)-Isona.
4.3.- The suitability of the existing supports that are going to be used in the layout until Capella. The opposition against the line of the inhabitants of the region.

5.- Regarding the consequences on the avifauna and the invertebrates.
5.1.- Unsuitable layout through critical zones of catalogued birds.
5.2.- The Study on Environmental Impact minimizes the collision problems and does not evaluate the consequences on the birds in LIC zones.
5.3.- Consequences on the primilla kestrel (Falco Naumani).
5.4.- Consequences on the perdicera goshawk eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus).
5.5.- Consequences on the white stork population (Ciconia Ciconia).
5.6.- Consequences on the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus).
5.7.- Consequences on the Leonado vulture (Gyps fulvus) and food area. “Estadilla Scavenger Suplementary”
5.8.- Consequences on the lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus).
5.9.- Consequences on the Royal Kite (Milvus milvus).
5.10.- Consequences on steppe birds.
5.11.- Other birds.
5.12.- Consequences on invertebrates. Notes to the chapter: regarding the effects on avifauna and invertebrates.

6.- Regarding the effects on the Red Natura 2000, the Habitats with Communitarian Interest and vegetation.
6.1.- Red Natura 2000 Spaces in the Sierras de Alcubierre, Sigena ant Alcanadre River zones.
6.2.- Red Natura 2000 Spaces in the Monzón stretch.
6.3.- Areas of Importance for birds.
6.4.- Habitats with Communitarian Interest. Regarding forests and flora catalogued species.

7.- Conclusions.

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